What is a Blog?

Creativity makes you feel good…

This is a website with an intent to discuss health topics related to the principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine. I have a long interest in natural health. I am an acupuncturist in the UK. However, some of my early posts on this new website could arguably be said to have very little to do with Traditional Oriental Medicine or even health. There’s a reason for this.

So firstly, this is my new website, my new baby, my new coupe, I want to take her for a few spins around the countryside, get a feel for her, enjoy her. I’m not ready to get in the daily grind of driving to and from work yet – the daily life stuff. I am enjoying writing articles on whatever I feel like. I am also getting used to the WordPress system. I am currently looking at some of the other options available like plugins and think how I would utilise them. WordPress is quite an impressive, and dynamic system with lots of options and is also designed to be user-friendly. I have a plan to write several health related articles and produce some downloadable material. I already have prior material that I want to repackage, update and fit into this new website. But for the moment, I want to enjoy this new set of wheels.

Another reason is that I have looked at blogs of other acupuncturists and health related practitioners. And my feeling is that a lot of the information is well written and insightful. But here’s the thing. Acupuncture blogs look like they have been written by acupuncturists, for acupuncturists about acupuncture. There is only a limited amount a posts someone can do and then the interest seems to pass. The information can be useful but doesn’t keep me hooked and wanting to keep going back. So I want to avoid that and keep my blog a bit more broad in scope. I want it to be of interest to lots of different people. I also want to keep it interesting for me to keep me writing. And so for this reason, I will talk about lots of different topics, but I will aim to keep them related to matters of health… and maybe spiritual things, money, popular culture, Jean Claude Van Damn movies and so on.

I think there is great benefit to writing or any other form of creative activity. It is one of a humans greatest abilities to be able to create something. It is the impulse behind all of our greatest inventions – the realisation that we can envision an idea and then develop skills to manifest that idea into the physical world either by art, dance, putting words on a computer screen making a video, a work project, inventing or building something. It is good for us to do something creative frequently, if not daily. It can really lift our spirits. Some of the times we feel most alive and fulfilled is when we are engaged on using our creative energy to actually ‘create something’. It is the times when we don’t do anything creative, is when we feel the most dull and unfulfilled in life. And unfortunately a lot of jobs are like this, wanting only an automaton kind of act from us which is the opposite of creativity.

To give an example, when adults are having any kind of therapy or are part of any support group for complex health issues, there will sometimes be some kind of art related activity such a pottery or making collages as part of a group activity. The reason is that it is well recognised that practicing creativity can do wonders for the mental state of people as well as potentially lead to insights and introduce a new coping mechanism to the person. Such is the power of creativity.

Going back to the blog. I believe the blog is a personal reflection of us as a person. It is a kind of art, a form of self-expression. Do you remember that TV series called Dougie Howser MD? It was about a teenage genius, who qualified as a doctor. Each episode was based on some medical situation where he used his genius knowledge and skill to save someones life. He probably solved some crimes along the way. It was a long time ago, when I saw it, but I do remember that at the end of each episode, he would write a journal extract on his computer (which back then, wasn’t so usual) about what he learnt. His journaling, was a way for him to process his thoughts, his experiences, and feelings. In some ways, I feel a blog has a similar purpose, except that a blog is open to the public and so in this regard it must provide some value for people.

I think, one of the things I do personally as a practitioner is attempt to show a blank slate to patients. They are coming with problems, some mild, some very serious, Perhaps I want to portray a neutral stance. Because I am of a yin nature, this is not relatively hard for me to do. Certainly one of the benefits of this approach is I have had next to no boundary issues, whereas for some other practitioner, I know boundary issues have sometimes been a problem. A boundary issue is when they get too close to a patient and that relationship starts intruding into their personal lives. The approach I follow is a little close to what I observed in a male acupuncture teacher I visited and learnt from in Japan and so I have adopted a similar approach. However, I think sometimes, I need to reveal a little more of my personality and to be more open, which I think people do want more of, to feel welcome. Perhaps this blog will help me with that aspect.

To give another example, Shudo Denmei is a famous and popular Japanese acupuncturist who is well-respected in the Japanese acupuncture world. In speaking to other Western acupuncturists, I often find, that many more people have read his books, then by any of the other Western writers on Japanese acupuncture. Several have been greatly influenced by his writings. Why is this? Well I believe, it is because his humanness comes out in his writing. He is not afraid to write when he treatments don’t go well, or he doesn’t get a good result. There is no ego in his writings. He shares his knowledge and innovations with others and will even admit to his shortcomings, which is ironic because he is now seen as a master of acupuncture and his book is filled with lots of useful information. I think it is this humbleness and openness that makes his writings so attractive to others, more than other authors. I also believe that he enjoys writing and that feeling really comes out from his books.

So, for the time being, I will post what I feel like and see what comes from it.