Access your Inner Guide

Is there a piece of software within you that gives the answers to your problems?

Isn’t it rather strange. We are born into these lives and pretty much have to figure it all out as we go along. Along the way, we get support from parents, teachers and various other people we encounter. Religion helps as well as spiritual practice. Even the internet now. But there are a lot of times when we find ourselves in situations and problems that don’t seem to have an obvious resolution,

It is at these times when we yearn for guidance. Not the kind of general advice that we’re given by people around us. Things like ‘just think positive’, or other pop advice like, ‘these things happen for a reason’. Because although intellectually, these soundbites sound right to us, the problem is – they just don’t quite satisfy that itch.

The problem is that hearing the advice is one thing, but ‘knowing’ it is another. It’s hard to describe what I mean by ‘knowing’. The best way I can describe it, is as a lightbulb going off in your heart and head together simultaneously. – ‘Ah yes, I get it! I understand why this happened’ . Perhaps a form of mini enlightenment. ‘And now I need to do this…’ then follows.

But usually, we don’t get this solution. We don’t get this feeling of ‘knowing’. Most of our attempts to solve out problems just doesn’t quite connect. So we read another self-help book and struggle on with our problems. Perhaps if we are lucky, we can find a guru, but there’s not that many people like that around. And well, don’t they have their own problems to deal with?

It’s kind of like we were born without an instruction manual. Here we are, with this impressive piece of hardware – these human bodies, but no guide. Where’s the troubleshooting page? More importantly, where’s the customer support number for when we have a really big problem? Is there even a customer support number available?

Well, I’m of the growing belief that there is a customer support for our lives available. And just like the customer support lines for various organisations in real life, they can be difficult to access. And so this lack of accessibility stops the majority of us from trying. Yet nonetheless, it is there, a kind of internal guidance, in fact a voice which will clearly communicate to you the answer to what is going on in your life. And I don’t mean a general kind of ‘just be more positive’ kind of thing, but a voice that will concisely tell you what’s up and what your soul needs to do.

But how to access that voice? And what exactly is it?

Controversially, one of the most direct ways to access this guide is by using hallucinogenic drugs. However, not everyone is inclined to go that route. They are not immediately accessible, may be illegal and carry potential dangers to your body and mental health. In some cases they require a human guide to facilitate the experience – like taking peyote in Mexico with a Shaman for example. But the messages obtained can be very clear. (I have not done Peyote by the way, but have spoken to people who have). However, I do wonder if this method is more akin to forcing the guide to come to you rather than making yourself more accessible so he or she wants to come to you? I don’t know the answer, but regardless, the messages obtained in these states can be very clear.

I think of it like the Keymaker in the movie the Matrix. The Keymaker is a special program, which can make shortcut programmes enabling him to open up doors and access different areas of the matrix. He manifests in the form of a middle-aged Chinese man with a big pile of keys. Neo’s challenge is to find the Keymaker, which was not easy. Similarly, finding your own key master or at least your own inner guide is likewise not always easy.

It may well be that the natural way to access your guide is through your dreams. For example, when I was going through a difficult period following some mistaken decisions I had taken, which set me back, career-wise and financially, I spent a lot of time wondered why I had made those decisions and how I could turn the situation around. I was dealing with quite a prolonged period of low-level stress during this time.

Then, in one of my dreams I found myself looking for a help guide. I would go to various people asking for him but my dream characters kept telling me I was in the wrong place, and pointing me elsewhere. Eventually however, I found a person who seemed surprised to see me and again told me I was in the wrong place. But this time, I did not leave. Instead I found myself explaining my problem to him. Surprisingly, his response was brutal and absolutely accurate to the reality of my problem. It was at that point, that I awoke within my dream into a kind of semi lucid dream mode and then realised that this was no longer a typical dream scenario. At that point, my guide changed his appearance, and told me this new appearance was his real self. He disappeared again and I awoke and realised that was not the usual actions of a dream character. It was deeper and the answers he gave me had been clear and insightful.

So aside from all the usual weird stuff that dreams throw at us, the conclusion I took from this experience was that the answers can be found within. However, in my situation, my dream guide hides away and does not seem to want to communicate. So I have to assume, I need to create a connection with him before I can access this guide more in the future. Kind of like registering your warranty and creating a customer account after you buy a piece of hardware so that when you do have a problem, it’s a bit easier to get a solution. Or in other words – I need to do more internal work, e.g. things like qigong practice, meditation, self-reflection and letting stuff go.

If dreams are a way to access this self-help desk, then it surely is something worth exploring. Life is full of problems, yet don’t you wonder why that is? Why is it that some people have many problems, whereas some seem to have almost no problems and relatively easy-going lives?

And it is always challenging when there is an important decision you must make and deciding which is the best course of action to take in a difficult situation. For these moments, wouldn’t it be really helpful to be able to access an inner guide to help you move through them? Like an in-house fortune-teller or psychic. Or your own personal Jesus (to quote Depeche Mode). Instead of clumsily bludgeoning our way through these problems and life. Sometimes getting it right, sometimes wrong.

Follow the white rabbit.

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