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It may be the only time you can be quiet.

Just like 99% of the adult Western population I have problems, and sometimes I may wake up at night and not be able to get back to sleep. There are different ways to react to this. If we have some responsibility the following day it may be unwelcome as we fear we may not be able to function so well. On the other hand, feeling frustration about this will never help and only make it harder to fall back asleep.

Our modern-day living tells us that something is wrong with insomnia. Pills are often prescribed. True, if I was operating heavy machinery or flying a plane or was a surgeon, I would probably want to make sure I’m sleeping well at night. And when people have a serious health conditions and suffer from intolerable pain perhaps from a cancer tumour, insomnia will be very uncomfortable, almost tortuous. In this situation, it be very disturbing and discomforting for the person affected as well as their family and I believe that in this situation, any drug that can help relieve the pain is very useful. However, for this article, I am not talking about that kind of insomnia for these complex medical problems. I am talking of the kind that generally affects healthy people. The kind of insomnia where there does not seem to be an apparent reason for it.

Insomnia is a natural response to a person living an unbalanced life. Think back to being a teenager or a child. You’d be active all day living life to the fullest and sleep heavy at night. Or a time when you had a very physically active day. Perhaps if you did some physical work, or perhaps a physical activity like hiking in the mountains, running a half marathon or skiing. Chances are you slept deep and heavy that night.

Insomnia is common in modern-day living. We may work all day but its more a mental tiredness not a physical one. we’re not really tired out. Insomnia also comes when we have some stressors in life. Though, there are some possible reasons such as: We’re not physically tired out enough. We’ve used our minds but not our bodies enough. Or, we have various worries and fears in our life about various situations that are causing a certain level of low-level anxiety. Or perhaps, what about this? – We are not following our true life path and our soul is in a state of discontent.

There are some good things about insomnia if we can learn to see the gift behind it. All day long we are busy busy busy, with many distractions – family, work, daily life tasks, calls to make, emails, calls to utility companies, shopping and so on and so on. And all along there is this undercurrent of stress going on. Perhaps we’re worried about a family situation, a health problems, a financial issue, a problem with our work or lack of. These worries underscore our daily activities and we may often shove them away as we are busy busy busy. There is sometimes no time for us. To listen to ourselves. Days can go on like this.

But the consciousness doesn’t like this. It gets tired like an ignored wife and demands to be heard. Boom, insomnia. And it is in the quiet of the night where it is just you. Everyone else is asleep. The world is quiet. Even the universe feels quiet. And though your smart phone and social media may hold a brief attraction, you find yourself listening to your anxieties. You contemplate. You think about things slower and deeper. The middle of the night is Yin. Your inner self is Yin. It is the time of Yin within the Yin. Just go with it. Accept your sleeplessness. You may not find the solution to your problems but you will assuage the spirit.

It is in these quiet times that insights can reveal themselves to you. We may be able to find creativity. For example, I am writing this article at 3am in the morning. Although I have work the following day, I am not worried. I will stay relaxed and embrace this quiet time. I will complete this article for my new website. Sleep will come and I will still function the next day.

It is a good time to meditate. In these busy times, when else can we do such a thing. I have found that if I meditate on my bed at night, after a while, sleep sometimes comes naturally. As long as you don’t try to chase something, it will come. If you try to think yourself asleep, you will only make yourself more anxious, which will keep you awake. Perhaps its the same with money or women. If you really want them too much, they will avoid you. But if you just accept the situation for as it is, they will come. Who knows? So if you can’t sleep, dont feel bad or guilty or worried. Just accept it and be at one with your spirit. You’ll be fine tomorrow.