Do we really have control over our lives. We are told so, but is it a lie? We can believe a lot of lies if we told them enough. Are these bodies we present with in the world our avatars? A shell in which we engage in the universe. 

Our Shells

We place so much importance on these shells. We decorate them, dress them, work them out, get upset when we compare them to others and deem ourselves lesser.

Our shells are easily manipulated more so than we think. Our shells are taught that to be fulfilled we must have a certain job, must have a certain partner, live in a certain house, wear certain clothes, have certain life experiences – university, holidays, relationships, drive a certain car.

We must have a certain amount of money and if we don’t have it, we must look like we do and use credit if necessary.


Advertising creeps into our programming and sets all these desires. Then if we are short in one area, we feel like failures. We get depressed, then try to numb our experiences with alcohol or drugs or sex or shopping or social media or entertainment.

We must even start to question if the so-called good things in life for use – the yoga or the health foods or the giving to charity are just part of the same manipulation. To do yoga, we must wear Sweaty Betty clothes. To go jogging, we must wear Adidas.

Not wearing the right brands

On one occasion, I was actually stopped by the police because I was jogging wearing old converse and old sweat pants (kind of like Sylvester Stallone in the first Rocky movie) They thought I was a burglar and pointed at my shoes, saying those are not running shoes.

Who cares what shoes I wear to run in, I thought?

Well society does? If I had been wearing a shiny new track suit and bright red running shoes, and looked like a ‘jogger’, there would have been no problem. I was guilty of not playing the part that society demands. The lesson is we must play a part. We must consume, present a certain image and we must go into debt if necessary.

Food as control

Food also is another form of control. We love cats and dogs but we eat factory farmed animals kept in concentration camp conditions. They’re not the same animals, we can justify.

Shouldn’t we wonder… are we no different to the farmed animals? They are fed hormones, antibiotics processed foodstuffs and various other drugs to make them grow to feed us.

But are we not also fed various hormones in our water, antibiotics, processed foodstuffs and various other drugs to grow us.

Feed the Matrix

The question then is, who are we being grown to feed? Do we really sit on top of the food chain? Is our human energy, perhaps being used as fuel for some other entity, just like in the film the Matrix?

There are stranger things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in the Imagination.

The Voice Within

And what of the real us? Where is that silent voice deep within that speaks to us.

It whispers, and tells us who we really are and not to be fooled into following all the new fads of life. We have gone so far down this new rabbit hole, that we may be in danger of losing ourselves for good, at least in this lifetime.

Reconnect with the Inner Voice

We must reconnect with that inner voice. We must remove the noise, the distractions. Perhaps meditation can do this. But even this is becoming trendy.

We must be slim, wear yoga pants, sit in lotus in an exotic location and have a friend capture the image of us for Instagram. Well meditation is the hardest thing. How can we switch off our smart phones for even 5 minutes?

Do we have even 20 minutes away from work, family and life obligations?

Your Little Secret

Well its worth it, I think. To take that quiet time out away from all these yang influences. To reconnect with our yin, the quiet within. And to do it alone, in a quiet room wearing old sweatpants. You don’t even have to sit in lotus and you don’t even need to tall anyone that you do it afterwards. Just keep it your dirty little secret.

If your family ask what you were doing in the room that time, just tell them you were doing Internet shopping, watching a YouTube video or updating your Facebook account.

Safe. The irony is that some people would feel less threatened if they felt you were locked away watching porn rather than doing something like practicing meditation or qigong.


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