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This is a website and blog with the purpose of enhancing your life, mind and body with the Principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Natural Health.

It is a new website and is growing daily. I hope that you will gain helpful and interesting information from this site and as it grows start to see it as a resource in your life that you return to again and again.

Acupuncture Articles

I am currently working on a series of articles on the use of acupuncture for complex disease conditions like cancer, MS, COPD, dealing with chemotherapy and contraindications, as well as the use of acupuncture in hospice and palliative care.

I will also include articles based on the use of acupuncture for other diseases and medical conditions. These articles can be found in the Acupuncture Page or check the menu.

Palliative Care and Acupuncture

I have worked and volunteered in a palliative care setting for several years and have gained experience in this field, which I hope to share. I intend to write several articles drawing on scientific studies, which have been carried out in clinical settings, to research the use of acupuncture for life-limiting or terminal diseases.

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All of these acupuncture-related articles can be found on the Acupuncture Page.

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If this is your first time to my website, an interesting place to start your journey is with my blog articles.

Just to note, my blog covers a broad range of topics and interests related to my life and work. It is not just about acupuncture. In fact, many of my blog posts have very little relevance to acupuncture. I have written about spirituality, exercise, life in Japan, money and other topics.

I also have written a guide on How to write a Blog for a Complementary Therapy Business. It is available as an eBook through Amazon.

Business and Complementary Therapies

If you are a Complementary Therapy Practitioner or studying to be one, you may find some useful resources in my Products section.

Check out my guide ‘How to Set up a Complementary Therapy Business on a Budget’.

Website Platforms

Also, if you are trying to decide on which website platform to use for your Complementary Therapy Business then I have some articles about and, Solo Build It and All of these articles are also in the Products page.


In this website, I provide a unique perspective on the Oriental health preservation exercise of Qigong. Visit my Qigong page for articles and qigong exercise videos.

I am currently writing a series of articles on the topic of spontaneous qigong called ‘Encounters with Spontaneous Qi’. Click here for Part 1.

As a precursor to this article, I carried out a 30 day trial on daily Spontaneous Qigong practice. Click here to access the series of articles on this.

As my articles, I have included background information on other Qigong masters as well as references to books and journal articles.

Other Acupuncture Related Publications

If you are looking for more in-depth information, there will be downloadable material available, which I will be releasing in the months to come. Some of it will be free. And if you are interesting in something a little unusual, have a look at my book ‘The Tradition of Blind Acupuncturists in Japan, available on Amazon in eBook and paperback version.

Applying the Principles of traditional Oriental Medicine to improve your life

My whole adult life has been focused on learning and applying the principles of natural and alternative health to improve my own body and life. It drove me to study and practice Acupuncture and Reflexology so that I could use this knowledge and skill to help other people.

If you are interested to hear my story and find out about me, I will be including it here soon.

New book on Traditional Oriental Medicine coming out soon

I have written a book on Traditional Oriental Healthcare, which I plan to release by 2019. It contains a layperson’s guide to applying the Principles of Traditional Oriental Healthcare to improve your Life, Body and Mind.

Below, I will briefly go over some of the principles, that I cover in more detail in the book.

The Principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine



What follows is a simplified explanation of the Principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine  and how these concepts can help you improve your life, body and mind.


Basics 1: Ki-Energy


Ki or Qi is a word that is used to describe a form of energy that powers everything in the universe, including us. It is usually described as a vital force, a transformative energy.  Also sometimes described as prana or energy. Ki is a Japanese word. Qi is the Chinese word, usually pronounced ‘Chee’. Ki is one the most fundamental principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

For better health, a person needs an adequate flow of Ki-energy in the body and for it to flow smoothly. If a person is sick, the problem lies with the flow of Ki. Either it is weak in some way or it is excessive and stuck or stagnating in one area causing an imbalance of the whole body.

Basics 2: Yin and Yang


Yin and yang relates to balance, In the typical yin-yang symbol above, Yin is represented by the black and yang is represented by the white. Yin and yang are not opposing forces. They are complementary forces, which are in equal balance with each other. The world we know of is made up of two opposite yet complementary forces: women (yin) and men (yang), night (yin) and day (yang), the moon (yin) and the sun (yang). Yin and Yang is present in everything in the universe – in nature and in the human body. The Channels also are divided into Yin and Yang.

For better health, the balance of yin and yang in the body needs to be harmonised.


Basics 3: The Channel Network

Channel pathways female model

The Channel system is another important concept in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Also know as Meridians or vessels. The channels are a network of energetic pathways that traverse the human body. It is within these Channel pathways that the Ki-energy flows and it is the channels that are treated in order to balance the Ki energy of the body. The analogy is to think of the channel pathways like the motorway and road network of a country. These lanes, streets, roads, dual carriageways and motorways traverse the entire country connecting all parts of it.

For better health, the Channels must be clear and the Ki-energy must flow smoothly through them.


Basics 4: What is Acupuncture

29196857 - acupuncture needle  isolated on awhite background

Acupuncture is a system of Traditional medicine that evolved in China approximately 3 to 5000 years ago. It spread around the World continuing to evolve and develop. It involves the insertion of fine needles into special points of the body in order to bring about a positive effect.

For better health, acupuncture can be used to stimulate the flow of Ki in the channels. it can help move stagnant Ki-energy. It can help gather Ki-energy when it is weak.


Basics 5: The Acupuncture Points

Hurrican picture art

The Acupuncture points are specific points on the Channels where the Ki-energy flows close to the surface of the skin and can be accessed. The acupuncture points have been mapped out in specific locations on the body. These acupuncture points can then be stimulated by inserting needles (acupuncture) or with finger pressure (massage/ shiatsu/acupressure) in order to affect the flow of Ki in the channel and bring about a positive effect on the body.


Basics 6: Good Health & Rebalancing our Ki

The Principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine can be applied in enhancing our mind bodies and health.


Here are Seven Steps to consider:


Releasing Tension

Balancing Emotions

Balance Yin & Yang

Food & Diet

Purpose and Work